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Are the stretch marks on your body feeding your insecurities? No matter what stretch marks cream you use or how diligently you follow your diet, sometimes the results of your efforts can be disappointing. Have no fear as stretch marks resemble stories of what your body has been through, making it perfectly natural to have them.

As the name suggests, stretch marks are caused by the stretching of the skin. They tend to develop when a person gains or loses weight rapidly, or during pregnancy as your belly and breasts stretch to accommodate your baby. Naturally, the hormone cortisol in our body weakens elastic fibres in the skin which plays a role in causing stretch marks as this particular hormone increases during pregnancy.

All things considered, removing them doesn’t mean you love your body any less. Board-certified dermatologists implemented various straightforward tips to reduce stretch marks, hence consider these suggestions to ensure comfort in your skin!

  • Laser Therapy

Intense laser light beams are used to promote new skin growth. The appearance of striae, commonly known as stretch marks, may be lessened by laser treatment even though it cannot totally eradicate them.

In particular, the fractional CO2 skin laser is an ablative laser technology for skin resurfacing to tighten skin and lessen the appearance of stretch marks. Plus, it promotes the synthesis of new collagen while lightening stretch marks.

  • Microneedling

Moving on to the low-risk cosmetic technique of microneedling. A treatment used to penetrate the skin with countless tiny needles in an effort to treat a variety of difficult dermatologic disorders.

Microneedling inflicts controlled harm just beneath the skin’s surface to stimulate the body to react by producing more collagen in the treated area. Because of the skin’s reaction to the stimulation, this causes it to thicken making stretch marks less noticeable.

  • Radiofrequency (RF) Skin Resurfacing

RF Skin Resurfacing appears to be a terrific alternative for the noninvasive treatment of stretch marks since radiofrequency energy penetrates the deeper dermis layer to stimulate collagen formation and skin restructuring.

Patients frequently observe smoother skin and less obvious stretch marks over time as new, healthy collagen and skin cells are produced.

  • Chemical Peels

Different types of skin blemishes are treated with chemical peels. Applying an acid solution dissolves the skin cells, allowing the top layers of the epidermis to be scraped off.

Research has shown that employing a precisely controlled chemical burn, this technique is quite effective at removing the top layers of skin. As a result, the skin’s surface is encouraged to regenerate and mend, while collagen synthesis in the skin’s deeper layers is encouraged, hence lessening the appearance of stretch marks.

Not to mention, chemical peels seem to be a non-invasive, reasonably priced, and perfectly effective method of skin exfoliation.

  • The Double ‘M’ Treatment (Moisturize and Massage)

Massaging oil or using stretch marks cream on the affected area such as the belly, hips and thighs certainly won’t hurt. Although the evidence isn’t conclusive at the moment, some study suggests that formulations with the herb Centella or hyaluronic acid (which is already present in the skin) may help reduce stretch marks.

Oil or serum would be a safer alternative to treat pregnancy stretch marks because most treatments are potentially harmful to expectant mothers and their young.

The Bottom Line

Speaking of effective oil massaging to reduce the visibility of stretch marks, Garden of Eden understood such a concept and produced a serum to slowly but surely remove striae.

The Garden of EDEN JOJO E Stretch Mark Serum and Jojo E Stretch Mark Cream is enriched with jojoba oil, natural vitamin E, grape seed oil, safflower oil and more goodness to be offered for stretch marks prevention and effective as dry and itchy skin relief during pregnancy. Its highly nourishing effects with deep hydration help to strengthen collagen and increase skin elasticity as well.

An intensive 100% plant-based serum (FREE from chemicals, preservatives, alcohol, animal ingredients, artificial fragrance and colouring), it is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, and quick to absorb yet highly effective. By creating a serum and cream that’s safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding, Garden of EDEN JOJO E has truly achieved beyond its limits to promote self-assurance.

Stretch marks are classic souvenirs of what your body has gone through. Removing it or choosing to live with it is a no-brainer. So, say goodbye to expensive remedies while hiding away your beautiful skin because any effort you put into becoming a better version of yourself is a skin-vestment!

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