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Have you packed all that you need for your beach vacation? All the swimsuits, beach clothes, and sandals are tucked perfectly into your bag. Ahhh, but make sure you don’t miss out on packing sunscreen as you’re out on the beach.

We all have heard the controversy on whether sunscreen and how it affects us. As there are many misconceptions on the topic, it is easy to get swayed away from acknowledging just how these myths may cause more harm than good to your skin than realised if you skip using them.

Here are a few of the most common myths out there about sunscreen and sun exposure generally the science that debunks them, and why you should grab sunscreen easily through online skincare shopping in Malaysia!

4 Myths You Didn’t Know About Using
Sunscreens in Malaysia

#1 Sunscreen causes cancer

Does it, though? We are all aware of the effect of UV rays from the sun, and even tanning beds can be harmful and lead to cancer. So excessive exposure to UV rays elevates the risk of all three common skin cancers; squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, and melanoma.

In fact, studies have shown that the degree of protection that sunscreen provides is directly related to the degree to which ultraviolet radiation is associated with the formation of skin cancer.

#2 People of darker skin colour don’t need to wear sunscreen

Light or dark, all skin types are susceptible to sun damage. The only difference is how noticeable those damages are on darker-skinned people. With UV rays damage that releases pigmentation that many label as sunburns, it is harder to notice, but just because the visibility isn’t there, it doesn’t mean you’re not at risk.

If you’re concerned about pigmentation from sun damage, you should consider using a pigmentation serum by Garden of EDEN a skincare online shop based in Malaysia. This type of serum can help address pigmentation issues and promote a more even complexion.

While you may assume you are protected by your melanin, your sunburn and skin damage go unnoticed and lead to harm, and by the time you realise, it might be a little too late. What can you do then? Well, just make sure you apply sunscreen at least half an hour before stepping out into the sun and consistently reapply during the time you’re out.

#3 “I don’t need to apply sunscreen if it’s cold or cloudy or if I am indoors.”

It may seem logical to assume so, but even UV rays penetrate through the clouds regardless, and while you are indoors, cold and cosy in the house or your car, it can still pass through the windows. The gist of it is as long as the sun is out, your risk of skin damage is there.

Hence, irrespective of the weather, you should always apply sunscreen as you would on obvious sunny days. Even if you are spending your whole day in bed, finish your skincare routine with sunscreen to protect your skin altogether.

#4 “There is SPF in my makeup. I don’t need to wear sunscreen.”

Even if you’ve makeup with SPF, chances are that you’re not covering every inch of your skin with it, right? The reality is the amount you need to apply your makeup to truly reach the SPF level protecting your skin would be ridiculous.

Instead, consider that the SPF in your makeup is just an extra measure you’ve added to your skin. But first, start your routine with a complete skincare regimen and sunscreen as the last layer before applying any makeup on your face. Plus, with sunscreen, you will be covering areas like your neck and chest rather than just your face.

With the misconception and myths debunked above, pretty sure you’ve just learned the significance of applying sunscreen every day. Keep in mind that the reapplying step is as important as applying the first time too.

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